Wednesday, 20 July 2011

Christmas Window Decorations

Using different kinds of lighted Christmas window decorations is leaves and berries. Keep the tray inside the window, traditional idea, but you can convert it into a modern one by modifying it a little. around your house, this year try something out of the way. Use the garlands to form an Instead of having the usual series and garlands of Christmas lights all outline of Santa Claus. Or make a Christmas strategically on the glass of the windows tree using them.
You can also get some lighted angels or stars from the stores and place them so that they replicate the stars and angels in the night sky.window sill. Place them in a pretty tray with some holly and make sure.
Christmas ornaments are another perfect option for decorating your windows. You can have a snowflake themed window decoration, with sparkling glass snow There is such a wide range of ornaments to choose from.