Thursday, 21 July 2011

Christmas Decorations to Make

This activity is helpful to teach your child the importance of prayer. Talk to your child and ask whom he or she would like to pray for. of red ribbon to the wreath and put it up. Trace the edges of the ring on leaving a ring behind. Next cut out the traced ring from green piece of green construction paper.Each day before your child construction paper and stick it onto the paper plate ring.goes to bed help him or her say short prayers for the names on the hands
So you have a sturdy green ring. Now, trace your kid's hand on out. Write one name on each hand cutout. Now place the first hand on the green ring prepared earlier and paste it on.the green construction paper.Read more on how to make Christmas wreaths.
Trace their decorations on another piece of construction paper onto respective colors of construction paper Draw shapes of stars, bells, holly leaves, stockings, candy cane,and cut out the shapes. Have your children use these cutouts.